tisdag 18 augusti 2015

Alex Jones joined my FB-group...

I haven't written so much about myself, but I am on FaceBook as well as most who have read this blog knows.

I also have a group there about 9/11, called "9/11 Conspiracy Theories are an Inside Job!". I take a stance in the group against the conspiracy theories against 9/11, but I welcome truthers and debunkers alike. I want there to be fair & equal treatment of all members as long as they don't break any rules in a bad way. A stance is also taken against anti-semitism so I have decided that Israel, Jews and Zionists/Zionism are off limits.

I try to say with the group name that many conspiracy theories concerning 9/11 come from Americans, so they are an "inside job" one can say these theories or those that spout them. I also give some examples of Americans who have done this like Sofia Shafquat who made "9/11 Mysteries" (video), Richard Gage, the Loose Change-boys and others.

Chief among them though is Alex Jones so I list him first.

Well, one day I was in another 9/11-group where truthers are mocked, but are also very active. We were discussing something and Alex Jones' name came up. Another guy made a very good comment about Alex Jones, which I thought was spot on:

So, I copied it and posted it in my group as a stand alone post everyone can see (my group is public), as seen above. The same day, I saw a request to join the group from an "Alex Jones". I first thought it was one of the truthers I fought with at times in the other group who joined with a fake account because he thinks I talk about Alex Jones too much. But when I looked at the Alex Jones that asked to join my group, it seemed like the official personal account of the real Alex Jones (he has a page too). I may be mistaken, but I am fairly sure it's his personal account at least. You can view it here.

Here you can see Alex Jones request to join. It says he has 23 friends in the group. The "funny language" is Swedish, which happens to be my native language.

So, I let him in and he liked 2 of my comments when I said this was his account and not his page on the post where I welcomed him to the group. See below:

It says I added him to the group and some comments are not shown. Alex Jones also "liked" Margery's comments and another person's comment. Apart from this I have not seen him being active in the group.

Since before I have Dan Bidondi in the group, who is a reporter for Alex Jones, or has been. I haven't been sure about if it really was him or not, but teased him a bit and when I made an insulting post about Alex Jones, I often tagged Bidondi and told him to show it to Alex Jones... That COULD be a reason why AJ joined, but I don't know. Nor do I know what he plans to do in the group either.

He shows a sense of humor or something by asking to join when I posted a comment which pretty much trashed him. I thought that was hilarious.

Future will tell what AJ will do in my group if anything, but if this truly is AJ (one can never be too certain), then I feel like I have personally come pretty much "full circle" in my 9/11 debunking or 9/11-interest as I started to become interested in the 9/11-conspiracies after seeing his "old" movie "Terrorstorm".

Thank you for reading.

Happy debunking/truthing!

tisdag 4 augusti 2015

Truthers are...deniers?

At almost every major event for some years now, truthers and other conspiracy theorists have opposed and denied that things went down as "the media" claims it did. Examples of this are the Boston bombings, Sandy hook-shooting etc..

It's like they have a knee-jerk reaction to deny anything the mainstream media ("MSM") says, regardless of what it says.

How many of you would be willing to bet they would not claim that the next shooting we'll hear about in the news will be claimed to be some "false flag" to take away your rights in one way or another?

Apparently, many of them see the world in a totally different way those of us who don't think like that.

The human mind surely is amazing....

I'm not angry at those who genuinely believe in what they say normally. I do oppose liars and deceivers though.

Alex Jones is an example of such a deceiver. What's good is that even many truthers know this by now.

As an aside, it can be noted that some (certainly not all) truthers tend to lean towards "doubting" that the Holocaust actually happened, or at least as has been stated in our history books and, again, in the news...

måndag 3 augusti 2015

Truthers - meticulous on some, non-questioning on others...

To make my point with this post, I will use a woman's speech as an example. I don't mean to so much to go after her, even if I criticize her here for sure. She's not alone in acting this way among truthers.

Barbara Honegger and her speech

Barbara Honegger has a 3-hour video on YouTube of a speech she held which some of you may have seen (I have actually). Her video is called "Behind the Smoke Curtain" and you can see it here. 3 hours and 5 minutes to be exact.

I admit that I learned some new things, especially in the first half (maybe more than half).

In this video Barbara discusses the crash of AA77 into the Pentagon, or rather, that she thinks it didn't do that and why she things so.

1st half of the video

The first half of the video is devoted to the details of what went down at the Pentagon. In this part, I learned some new details. Actually, I cannot recall them right now, but I learned some new things for sure.

She was pretty meticulous and detailed here. This is one point with this post (the meticulous part).

She did chose to bring forth some witnesses while not bringing up other witnesses. So, she deliberately skewed what people saw at the Pentagon to paint a picture. One might call this deception really.

You can check out many witnesses' statement + evidence of AA77 on Mark Roberts' site here.

2nd half of the video

In the second half of the video (or maybe last third or so), Barbara suddenly begins to discuss dual citizens, and specifically such dual citizens that are Americans and Israeli (according to her).

She lays the blame pretty much on them, or at the very least make them look suspect and only focus on them. This without basically any evidence that can prove they actually did anything to cause the destruction at the Pentagon.

In this part of the video, it's more speculation than anything else. (and seemingly an "attack" on "zionists")

She does not appear to question any of her own theories here, unlike how detailed she was in the first half or first two thirds. This is my second point with this post (being non-questioning).

Final thoughts

Truthers often act this way! They have some areas where they are very very detailed and really know a lot. I give them credit for that knowledge for sure.

but then they can put forth theories that they don't seem to scrutinize themself and accept as fact without supporting evidence. It can be them claiming there were no planes, military planes, switched planes, controlled demolitions etc..

A more consistent focus on detail had been desirable from truthers so they would also question their own theories and scrutinize them. There should be no pride in this! If they're wrong about some things, they should admit that (if needed) and change accordingly, as should us "debunkers"!

We're all people, take care!